Meditation Classes

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAIn this increasingly demanding world, more and more people are meditating in order to find natural and effective ways of managing themselves and the pressures they are under.

Meditation helps people manage stress and stay calm, balanced, and poised.  It fosters focus, relaxation, and health.

It is also the cornerstone of spiritual practice, so that by meditating people connect more and more deeply with their True Nature.  It helps people find meaning, purpose, and direction in their lives.

Weekly Meditation Class


This weekly meditation class is for people wishing to learn to meditate  and for those wishing to continue their meditation practice with support and guidance within a group setting.

A range of meditations are practiced, including breathing, mantra,and grounding meditations.  The emphasis is on integrating meditation into daily life in practical ways.  There are many opportunities for questions and discussion.

At present these classes are being held online Tuesdays 8.00 to 9.00 pm.  Email us to get the link.  When not online they are held Tuesdays 7.45 to 9.00 pm, at 69 Raroa Rd, Keburn, Wellington.  $12 per class,  $100 for 10 classes. Please contact us if you wish to attend.   


Meditation is the primary tool for us to realise our True Nature.
It is also an age-old technique for helping us face life’s challenges and for helping us develop mastery in our lives.

Meditation is not an answer, it is a question; an eternal open enquiry into Who or What We Are.  It is primarily a method by which we continually strip away what we are not, that which is not real. Through meditation we increasingly experience the peace, silence, love, bliss, and aliveness that we fundamentally are.

Through repeated practice, people become clearer.  More and more their awareness expands into who and what they are.  There are many surprises on the journey; unexpected capacities may emerge, experiences not thought possible may occur, and for each person it is a unique journey.  It is a journey into the unknown that we have always known.

Meditation promotes personal growth and awakening, and helps people find inner peace and strength.

Meditation is about embracing all aspects of ourselves.  Ultimately it is not an activity that is separate from our daily lives. It is not a getting away from our lives and their troubles.  It is a living fully of all aspects of our lives, wherever we find ourselves, whatever our circumstances, whatever we are doing.   Every moment is a possible doorway to full realisation.

The benefits of meditation come from repeated practice, and in our experience the results are certainly worth having.

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