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George & Jenny Packard

George and Jenny Packard have worked for many years as educators and meditation teachers.  For over 35 years they have helped people live happier and more fulfilled lives. Their primary approach is call Urban Mysticism.  It draws on the traditions of both the East and West. It promotes fundamental change within people while giving them many practical tools with which to manage their lives.  They are both Master Practitioners of Urban Mysticism and they are also Reiki Masters.

George and Jenny are teaching members of the Meditation Association of Australia.


George has taught meditation courses for students and staff of Victoria University for many years and now teaches meditation from home.  Jenny works in private practice as a counselor, psychotherapist and supervisor for people in the helping professions.

They are deeply thankful to their teachers of many years, Ken and Elizabeth Mellor, founders of The Awakening Network, for their dedication to the truth, their fine teaching, guidance and love.  The Awakening Network Inc. is an international non-profit organization that is dedicated to the Full Realisation of all people and promotes an integration of spirituality into daily life.

Jenny and George are also members of the Ridhwan School, home of the Diamond Approach®.  It is a path of spiritual transformation developed by A.H. Almaas.  Using both modern psychology and traditional wisdom teachings, it addresses obstacles to realisation that are specific to our time, place, culture and personality.  They have been part of an international retreat group, lead by Sandra Maitri, Diamond Approach® teacher and author that has met twice a year in San Franscisco since 2006.

Jenny and George enjoy sharing what they have learned and are still learning about realising who they truly are.

Enquiries are welcome, by phone (04) 934-8629 or email George at gpackard626@gmail.com

or Jenny at: jpackardraroa@gmail.com

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